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Worrying about how you will be financially able to raise your children after a divorce can be terrifying. Attorney Elliott is aware of those fears and will explain the New Hampshire child support laws to you so that you understand how they work. In New Hampshire, child support is calculated using an income-shares model. This means that both your income and the other parent’s income are taken into account in determining support. In addition, under the New Hampshire child support guidelines the expenses listed below are deducted and taken into account in the child support calculations:

  • Mandatory retirement contributions
  • Support paid to another family
  • State income taxes
  • Cost of health insurance allocated to the children
  • Daycare expenses

In certain circumstances the child support amount calculated under New Hampshire’s child support guidelines can be adjusted, either downward so that the parent pays an amount less than the guideline amount, or upward resulting in an obligation which is more than the guideline amount. One such circumstance may be your parenting schedule (link to Joint Custody and Child Support page). Attorney Elliott will review your situation with you to see if a child support adjustment is possible.

Child support continues until a child turns 18 or graduates from high school, whichever occurs last.

If the Court has ordered child support to be paid through the State of New Hampshire, Division of Child Support Services (DCSS), the parent receiving support must fill out an application and submit it to DCSS. The child support order on its own will not trigger payment through the State.

Whether you will be receiving child support or paying it, consulting with an attorney is key to ensure that the guideline calculations are based on correct income and deductions and that any potential factor warranting an adjustment has been considered.

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