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The parenting schedule is one of the most important decisions you will make in your case. Well-designed, thoughtful parenting arrangements are best not only for you and the other parent, but also, more importantly, for your children. Good schedules give children quality time with each parent, so that a parent is a parent, not a babysitter. Experienced parenting attorney Elliott will advise you and assist you in developing a parenting plan that makes sure you can continue to experience the daily joys of parenting: family dinners, helping with homework, baking cookies, reading a bedtime story, cheering at the game, Sunday morning pancakes – and all the incredible moments in between.

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Parenting Rights and Responsibility

All rights and responsibilities parents have relative to their child.

Decision-Making Responsibility

Responsibility for making major decisions regarding the child. These include decisions about education; religious training; and non-emergency medical and dental care.

Sole Decision-Making Responsibility

Only one parent has the responsibility to make the major decisions regarding the child.

Joint Decision-Making Responsibility

Both parents share in the responsibility for making major decisions concerning the child. New Hampshire law presumes that joint decision-making responsibility is in the children’s best interest.

Residential Responsibility and Parenting Schedule

Residential responsibility means a parent’s responsibility to provide a home for the child.

Parenting schedule means the schedule of when the child is in the care of each parent.

Sole Residential Responsibility

The child resides with one parent all of the time.

Primary Residential Responsibility

The child resides primarily with one parent.

Equal Residential Responsibility

Both parents have equal or approximately equal sharing of the residential care of the children.

Parenting Time

The children have parenting time with one parent on designated days and times. The home of the parent with parenting time is not the children’s primary residence.

In cases involving minor children, a written Parenting Plan must be completed. The Parenting Plan can be temporary or final. Parenting Plans are comprehensive, addressing both decision-making responsibility (formerly legal custody) and residential responsibility (formerly physical custody) as well as other parenting concerns such as holidays, vacations and school attendance.

There may be situations where you have concerns about your children’s well-being or safety when they are with the other parent. In certain limited circumstances it may be possible to request ex parte (emergency) orders from the Court to restrict or structure the other parent’s time with the children. An ex parte request will only be granted if the judge agrees that some type of immediate and irreparable harm will occur if emergency orders are not entered.

Parenting disputes are gut-wrenching. When those disputes end up in court, the fear and stress can be paralyzing. With an experienced parenting attorney at your side, you have an advocate who will protect your presence in your children’s lives. Attorney Elliott has that experience. She has advised mothers and fathers throughout her 30-year career and was a certified Guardian Ad Litem (“GAL”) for a dozen years.

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