Post Divorce

There are two primary reasons a person contacts a lawyer after they are divorced – their ex-spouse or partner is not following the court order, or, something has happened in their life so they need an order

changed. Post-divorce contempt and modification petitions address these situations. A contempt is filed when a person is violating an order. They don’t pay child support or alimony; they won’t sell the house; they refuse to sign a QDRO; or, they won’t allow parenting time. If that person is found in contempt, the consequences are serious. They can be ordered to be responsible for the other person’s attorney fees and costs, or have future child support payable by wage assignment or through the State, or lose the right to claim a child as an exemption.

A modification is filed when a person needs to change a court order. They lost their job or their wages went down, so they can’t pay child support or alimony or provide insurance. Their work schedule changed to they can’t take care of the children under the existing parenting schedule. Their circumstances have changed since the divorce, so the original orders are no longer workable.

You can rely on Attorney Elliott and her 3 decades of family law experience, if you need help enforcing an order, getting support, making sure you have the parenting time you were awarded, or changing an order to take into account the change in your circumstances.

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